About Sendai

Sendai is a city in Japan located in the central part of Miyagi Prefecture, approximately 300 km north-northeast of Tokyo. With a population of about 1.09 million, it is the largest city in the Tohoku region of Japan in terms of population and economic scale.

Statue of Date Masamune

Born in 1567, Date Masamune was a military commander who pacified the Tohoku region of Japan and established the Sendai domain in 1601. Although he lost his right eye, he excelled in military strategy and was a heroic figure who was called "Dokuganryu" (single-eyed dragon) in reference to the ancients. In his later years, he devoted himself to the prosperity of the Tohoku region and Sendai, and went on the modern-day city of Sendai. The crescent moon helmet, his trademark, is said to have been created by his father as a prayer for Masamune's fortune based on his belief in the moon.

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Location of Sendai, Japan

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VR Technical Tour from Sendai Station to Matsushima Town(5:03)

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