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  • B2 Overhead lines (Lead SC), chair: Pierre Van Dyke
  • C3 Power system environmental performance, chair: Mercedes Vázquez
  • C4 Power system technical performance, chair: Marta Val Escudero


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Synopsis submission (extended) 25th November 2022
9th December 2022
Notification of acceptance 13th January 2023
Full paper submission 26th May 2023
9th June 2023
Notification of final acceptance 21st July 2023
Thank you for the many papers submissions.
Call for Papers has been closed.
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<Colloquium Theme>

Recent Overhead Transmission Line Technology and Environmental Measures

<Preferential Subjects>

PS1: Sustainable OHL, Environment and Planning (joint PS with C3)
[Examples of keywords]*
  • DLR (Dynamic Line Rating), upgrading/uprating, minimizing deforestation, DC transmission, environmental assessment, carbon neutrality, social acceptance, EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field), biodiversity, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), eco-designs, risk communication, asset management, renewable energy

PS2: Reliability of OHL, Advanced Construction and Maintenance (joint PS with C4)
[Examples of keywords]*
  • monitoring, life extension measures, drones, robotics, digitalization (AI, IoT, utilization of data, etc.), maintenance management (corridor management), lightning overvoltage, insulation coordination, power quality, EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility), systematic analysis

PS3: Resilience of OHL, Recent Technologies for Disaster Recovery
[Examples of keywords]*
  • new recovery techniques, response to natural disasters (typhoons, localized heavy rains, earthquakes, ice and snow, tsunamis, fires, etc.), resiliency, risk assessment
*These keywords are only examples; the content of the paper does not necessarily have to match the keywords. Please use this as a guide for which Preferential Subject to categorize.


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