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1st Oct. 2023, Sun

To Hiraizumi, Iwate

The participation fee is 3,000 JPY per person.
Maximum number of attendees is 30.

This tour visits Hiraizumi, a World Heritage Site located in southern Iwate Prefecture next to Miyagi Prefecture, and its surrounding area. The first stop is the Genbikei Gorge. The river has eroded huge rocks over a long period of time, creating the unique beauty of the valley.
On the way to Hiraizumi, we visit Takkoku no Iwaya Bishamondō Hall, which has a Bishamondō Hall integrated with a rock cave and the Great Buddha with a face carved in the 11th century. (The tour is conducted from the car window, but entry may be possible depending on the time before and after the tour and parking conditions that day). In Hiraizumi, the main part of the tour, we will visit two World Heritage Sites, Motsu-ji and Chuson-ji. At Motsu-ji, we will visit the Pure Land Garden, which integrates a Buddhist hall and pond, and at Chuson-ji, we will visit the Konjikido, which reflects the wealth of the Oshu Fujiwara clan, and the Sankouzō, which houses over 3,000 cultural artifacts left by the Fujiwara clan.

Photo Credit: Iwate Prefecture Tourism Association

3rd Oct. 2023, Tue

To Matsushima, Miyagi

The participation fee is 2,000 JPY per person.
Maximum number of attendees is 10.

This tour visits Matsushima Town, one of the three most scenic places in Japan, and Shiogama City, located in the center of Matsushima and Sendai. Matsushima Town, located in the central part of the prefecture, is one of the "Three Great Views of Japan" for its scenery of Matsushima Bay formed by many islands. First, you will board a sightseeing boat to enjoy the scenery. After disembarking, you will visit Godaido Hall and Zuiganji Temple, a family temple of the Date family. After lunch, we will have free time to explore the area. After lunch, we visit Shiogama City, which flourished as a gate and port town and is home to several nationally famous sake breweries. We visit Shiogama Shrine, one of the most famous shrines in the Tohoku region. The shrine pavilion has been designated as a National Important Cultural Property. If conditions allow, the tour will also include a visit to a sake brewery in Shiogama City.

Photo Credit: Miyagi Tourism Association

4th Oct. 2023, Wed

Sightseeing in Sendai City, Miyagi

The participation fee is 1,000 JPY per person.
Maximum number of attendees is 10.

This tour visits the ruins of Sendai Castle, which was the residence of 620,000 Goku※ of the Sendai clan. If you stand in front of the equestrian statue of Lord Masamune Date, which is also the main image on the CIGRE 2023 Sendai website, you will be able to view the city from the same vantage point as Lord Masamune.
After a buffet lunch at the hotel, we will have some free time at a shopping mall.
※Goku is a unit of territory expressed in rice.

Photo Credit: Sendai Tourism International Association

We hope you enjoy your visit to Tohoku.
We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing.
  • If there is anything you cannot eat on the day of the tour due to allergies or religious beliefs, please indicate this on the application page. Please be advised that in certain circumstances, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Thank you for your cooperation in advance, it is greatly appreciated.


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