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This colloquium was attended by 349 people and 90 papers were presented.
Thank you very much for your participation.
The Photo Album of the CIGRE 2023 Sendai Colloquium [Summary version] is available here.

Summary version



We are pleased to inform you that the CIGRE 2023 Sendai Colloquium will be held at the Sendai International Center (Sendai, Japan) from October 3 to October 7, 2023.
This colloquium is organized by the Study Committee (SC) of CIGRE, an international organization, and is held every two years. The colloquium is a meeting for the presentation of CIGRE papers.
The colloquium is organized under the general theme of “Recent Overhead Transmission Line Technologies and Environmental Measures” and is based on the preferential subjects of “Sustainable OHL, Environment and Planning”, “Reliability of OHL, Advanced Construction and Maintenance”, “Resilience of OHL, Recent Technologies for Disaster Recovery”, from SCB2 (Overhead Lines), SCC3 (Power System Environmental Performance) , SCC4 (Power System Technical Performance). Over the three days, many papers will be presented in two tutorials and seven sessions. Social programs including receptions, technical tours, and companion tours are also planned to contribute to international exchange.
Through the face-to-face CIGRE 2023 Sendai Colloquium, we hope to develop opportunities to deepen information exchange and academic exchange with everyone concerned and to contribute to the development of power technology around the world.
We hope that you will take note of the purpose and significance of this meeting, and we would be grateful for your support.
We sincerely wish your company's continued growth and success in the future.
We look forward to seeing you in Sendai.

Best regards,

Yuko Kuranari
CIGRE SC B2 chair of Japanese National Committee
Executive Officer & General Manager, Tohoku Electric Power Network Co., Inc.
Chair, CIGRE 2023 Sendai Colloquium Organizing Committee


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